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In deciding on an attorney to represent you, it is important to know how this attorney handles cases. Does the attorney handle a large volume of cases and settle them as quickly as possible or does the attorney fully investigate a case to determine whether settlement or a trial provides the best potential outcome for a client? Do you have ready access to the attorney or are you always speaking with a legal assistant or investigator about your questions and concerns? In our many years of experience, we have handled a variety of cases which settled as well as cases that were successfully prosecuted at trial to maximize our client’s recovery.

At Miles & Parrish, P.A., we recognize that each case is different and we approach our strategy to each case based on the unique facts and circumstances of the case. While no outcome in a case can ever be guaranteed, we are committed to handling your case with attention to detail to what is in your best interest.

The following are just a few examples of the cases we have recently handled at Miles & Parrish, P.A.

Representation of a worker who sustained a traumatic amputation of two fingers resulting in significant emotional distress. The workers’ compensation insurance company denied her all benefits, alleging that she failed a post-accident drug test and made misrepresentations to secure workers’ compensation benefits. At trial, we successfully demonstrated that the drug testing was invalid and that our client had not made any misrepresentations to secure benefits. The judge of compensation claims awarded her both orthopaedic and psychiatric care to our client along with her lost wages. Ultimately, we demonstrated that her injuries had rendered her permanently and totally disabled.

Representation of a long-term correctional officer with a permanent foot injury who sought our assistance after being denied further medical care by the workers’ compensation insurance company on the basis that the statute of limitations barred his claim. At trial, we successfully demonstrated that the representatives of the insurance company had ignored his timely requests for care and misled him as to their willingness to provide care. The judge of compensation claims also found that his continued use of a foot brace had tolled the statute of limitations and awarded ongoing medical care.

Representation of an injured worker whose doctor released her to return to work without specific restrictions, but advised her to continue wearing her ankle brace. While her employer refused to let her return to work while wearing the brace, the workers’ compensation insurance company refused to pay her any temporary partial disability benefits on the basis that she had no restrictions or limitations. At trial, we successfully established that her continued use of the brace was a restriction on her ability to return to work and the judge of compensation claims awarded the past due temporary partial disability benefits as well as ongoing benefits.

Representation of a transportation worker who was injured when the work vehicle in which she was a passenger was rear-ended by a negligent driver. Pursuing both her right to workers’ compensation benefits as well as her claims against the at-fault driver, we obtained six figure settlements in both her workers’ compensation case and her bodily injury case against the at-fault driver.

Representation of a younger individual seeking Social Security disability benefits based upon a psychogenic seizure disorder. The Administrative Law Judge found that this seizure disorder prevented her from performing any type of substantial gainful activity and awarded disability benefits.

Representation of a group of six individuals employed by a residential home for adults. Throughout their employment, the individuals were required to work and live on the property. Despite the hours devoted to the employer, these individuals were denied compensation for anything more than 40 hours per week. In federal court, we successfully argued that each employee was required to be paid for every hour he or she worked. The day before trial, the employer conceded the case, resulting in a six figure settlement and each employee being compensated for 2 years of unpaid wages plus additional damages as a result of the unlawful withholding of wages.

Representation of a job applicant who was asked unlawful questions on a job application by a potential employer. Our client was denied a position as a result of his answers to these unlawful questions. Working alongside the United State Department of Justice, we obtained a settlement for our client equal to the amount of money he would have earned had he been hired by the potential employer.

Representation of a hard working laborer who was rear-ended on his way to work. As a result of the impact, our client suffered permanent injuries to his neck and back. While the at-fault driver admitted he was negligent, he refused to pay our client for his damages. Our client was provided with care and treatment with chiropractors, pain management physicians and surgeons, but the at-fault driver’s insurance company refused to provide adequate compensation. After trying this case before a jury, we secured a six-figure verdict which paid all of our client’s medical expenses and compensated him for his inability to continue working after the collision.

Representation of an injured worker who injured her arm while working. Several years prior to the workplace injury, she had injured the same arm in a motorcycle accident and had surgery. Hiding behind the prior injury, the workers’ compensation insurance company refused to provide medical care or lost wages to our client. She was told workers’ compensation was not responsible for the new injuries to her arm. After obtaining the expert opinions of several orthopedic surgeons, we secured for our client not only her lost wages, but also a corrective surgery to repair the damage done to her arm as a result of the injury on the job.

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